Cargosail, Europe

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Research Cooperation

The requirements for a successful research project is the professional expertise of the different project partners as well as the inclusion of already reached knowledge out of previous research projects. All over Europe and beyond, different cargo sailing initiatives have evolved over the last couple of years. Close partnership with […]

Research Objectives

The aim is to scrutinize the idea of separating the cargo holding part from the sail-carrying system and at the same time identify the most promising related solutions and associated needs for detailed follow-up research and finally the development of commercially attractive shipping solutions for maritime cargo transportation in a […]

Concept benefits

The benefits of the concept are manifold: The sailing part of the vessel does not need to obey to port-infrastructure restrictions concerning the rigging system, since this part will stay outside of the quayside. Moreover, the aerodynamic quality of the rigging system as well as its straightforward design, which are […]

Proposed concept

The essential advance of Cargo-Sail-Concept is to focus on the separation of the sail-carrying part of the vessel from the cargo-holding part for interaction with port infrastructure.     A similar concept was formerly investigated by the development of barge-carriers (transporting the cargo in simple barges that in turn were […]