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Different wind-propulsion systems are being developed all over the world or are already in use, by research institutes, first pioneering companies, or individuals.

Each system works best only under certain wind conditions, state of sea, has different stability requirements on the vessel or has other unique specialities to offer and to consider.

It is our aim to untangle these complex interactions between wind-propulsion system, necessary measures for balancing the aerodynamic forces beneath the sea-surface, compliance with engine-assistance and associated technologies that are needed for taking maritime cargo transportation on the right track towards a clean and sustainable future.


One of the central issues in this research project is the investigation and development of new sailing ship concepts and its integration into the existing transportation processes based on the principal idea of separating the sail carrying system from the cargo holding part of the vessel.


Different approaches on how and to what extend the separation of the sail- carrying system from the cargo-holding system can be achieved, will be investigated and evaluated.