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Every type of cargo is unique and different in its demands towards transportation, its timing, its costs and unique way of handling at the seaports.
The cargo represents the core of all activities in commercial shipping industry.

The cargo-ship itself is nothing else but a very big wheel barrow used to transport cargo. It must be simple, safe and efficient.

Our aim is to implement modern wind propulsion systems in shipping industry to make use of the vast and never drying up resource that the global wind-systems have to offer. But as shipping has evolved in the last century towards purely engine driven solutions, after making use of the global wind-systems for hundreds of years, it seems that humanity has almost lost the knowledge of how to make use of the wind as energy source in freight-transportation. The challenge is, to take advantage of the many available options that we have through intensive research carried out in the last century and to find out what is still needed for the implementation of future commercial sailing vessels.

A sailing cargo ship build today has almost nothing in common with the sailing ships that were used in the middle of the last century. The rigging systems will be automated, weather-routing will ensure optimal fuel savings and just on time arrival. All energy systems of the vessels will be working together to ensure safe and on time cargo transportation.

We are convinced that a new age of wind powered commercial cargo vessels is at its dawn again. Europe and the world have chosen a route that does not go conform with conventional practice in shipping.

For commercial vessels build today will be operating in a zero-GHG-emission world by 2050.

Since the economic crisis in 2008, European shipping industry is deep in a serious recession. The development of radically new shipping concepts that go along with the needed requirements of future shipping solutions, through making use of the wind again, can offer the chance that is needed to keep the yards running again and steer commercial cargo transportation onto the right course for operating in a decarbonized future world. There will not be just one special new sailing cargo vessel that takes over future trade and will solve all the environmental problems that cause the actual debate and the social and political call for new and clean cargo ships.

Instead of designing just another futuristic and complicated vessel, we do it the other way around. We will look at the imposed demands on the cargo that has to be transported, the individual shipping routes and prevailing wind systems and we will find out which wind propulsion system and complimentary technologies are needed to maximize fuel savings and economic benefits on specific transportation tasks.

To achieve this goal, we actively engage our self in research and development of radical new integrated shipping concepts, to bring maritime cargo transportation powered by renewable energy on course again towards a clean and sustainable future.

But still, these wind powered ships will be nothing else but very big wheel barrows used to transport future cargo.

They must be simple, safe and efficient.

The CargoSail Concept allows to harness the energy of the global wind systems even for very large vessels, it offers solutions to port related restrictions, it comes along with operational oportunities that could make the difference on the market.