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Consulting on wind-propulsion technologies

Our expertise is wind-propulsion-technologies and their interaction and compliance with conventional shipping solutions. Different wind-propulsion systems are being developed all over the world, by research institutes, first pioneering companies, or individuals - some of these systems are already in use. All these systems have different characteristics to offer wherefore one or another will be best suited for your vessel depending on the cargo you carry, vessel layout, route of shipping, prevailing wind-systems and the quay-side requirements. Each system works best only under certain weather conditions, has different stability requirements on the vessel or has other unique specialities to offer and to consider. The fuel-cost savings that can be achieved are highly dependent on the individual case.

  • We resolve the complex entanglement that these promising technologies have on all related systems and find the best fitting solution for your individual purposes.
  • We identify retrofitting options for your vessel
  • We will be your partner to find ways of how these systems can be integrated in an appropriate way for new-build projects.
  • We identify possible solutions for an integrated power train & propulsion concept that fits best for the combined wind/engine propulsion solution.
  • We guide you in optimizing your shipping route with respect to the prevailing wind-systems to make the most out of your individual wind-propulsion-solution

We work closely together with technology providers, research institutes and experienced ship design and construction companies, to work out the appropriate measures that are needed for getting the best results with minimal financial effort to maximize fuel savings and profitability of your vessel. We have the knowledge and the network of experts that is needed to achieve save and efficient use of the global wind-energy-source to maximise your profits in shipping business.