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Finance R&D

Installation of an “International Wind-Propulsion Research and Development Trust”

Shipbuilding industry is quite different from conventional approaches in other technology branches, were long development times, intensive research and the testing of new developed technologies or concepts on the basis of prototypes is common practice. In commercial shipbuilding industry there are no prototypes. All commercial vessels build have therefore to rely on gathered experience from similar, previously build and proven vessels.

R&D for the future

For the building of new wind-powered commercial vessels, there are simply no previously build vessels to rely on. The demands on ship design, layout and construction are too different from conventional commercial vessels for step by step technology uptake.

Extensive research is needed to develop new concepts for future solutions.

Shared risks and costs

The risk that comes along with the uptake of radically new system solutions and concepts is more than one single company can tackle. We propose therefore the installation of an “international wind-propulsion research and development trust”.


All interested companies and individual supporters can engage themselves in partly financing the research that is needed to steer commercial shipping into a clean and sustainable future.


The burden is distributed on many shoulders, financial risks are minimized, and the findings on all research done on wind-propulsion-technologies and the Cargo-Sail-Concept will be to the benefit for the whole industry.

If you are interested in supporting our Vision of “maritime Cargo Transport powered by renewable energies”, feel free to contact us.